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From Mr. Becker

A Letter from Mr. Thomas Becker


It’s been a difficult year for the performing arts. Theatre was just one of many things that our community was forced to forego this year because of the pandemic. I don’t mean streaming or zoomed performance, but the kind of performance that puts a live actor in direct contact with a live audience member and creates a kind of energy, love, and understanding between the two. While we were able to put together an outdoor show for small groups of children last fall and the “DASH Radio Hour” this spring; what we are missing more than anything right now is you.

I want to thank you for sending your girls to Duchesne Academy. Over the last 25 years I’ve learned that my time with them is much like the shows we work on together. They both arrive as a kind of rendering or masterplan of what they can become, we teachers add to it the best we can, and just when they really begin to shine brilliant; it’s time for them to leave. Girls, especially those of you who are Seniors, please know how much you will be missed.

I also want to thank Dr. Stephanie Kidd, Ms. Brittany Dorner, and Mr. Kevin Boughton for all of their hard work in making this unique little production possible. Stephanie, Brittany, and Kevin, I hope you found working with our girls as fulfilling as I always do.


Mr. Thomas Becker

Thomas Becker
Duchesne Academy Theatre

the play

The Play

DASH Radio Hour, conceptualized by Stephanie Kidd, featuring Early Frost by Douglas F. Parkhirst.

In March 1943 with their men away at war, thirteen women spent an evening creating a radio program for their friends and neighbors in Boston. Sweetheart Veronica Day knows how to host the show; her husband Jeremy usually has the gig but he’s left her home alone with a few kids to raise on her own. She’s recruited her pals to join her because she knows that the program is something her community loves and needs during wartime. From singing the jingles to presenting a weekly drama with live sound effects, the women band together with tenacity and resilience because the show must go on.

the director

Meet the Director

 Stephanie Kidd is an Omaha theatre artist with a passion for acting and directing. Originally from Overland Park, Kansas, she has been a part of the Omaha theatre since 1997. Since her arrival in Omaha, Stephanie has worked for some of Omaha’s premier theatre companies, including The Rose, RESPECT, and Great Plains Theatre Commons. Stephanie is managing director of Radio Theatre Omaha, Omaha’s only live audio drama theatre company. She sits on the board of Anastasis Theatre Company and is a six-year board member of Theatre Arts Guild, where she serves as the Scholarship Chair and founded and helps moderate the TAG DE&I Forum. She is an active member of Junior League of Omaha where she chairs the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Stephanie holds a BFA in theatre (directing) from Creighton University, an MA in theatre (acting) from University of Nebraska Omaha, and a PhD in higher education administration. She works as the communications strategist for UNeTech, the startup incubator for the University of Nebraska

The Cast & Crew

DASH Radio Hour Cast

Veronica Day, Our Host – Victoria Ruiz-Juvera

The Baylor Sisters
Marilyn – Molly McBride
Carolyn – Mira Norman
Sara Lynn – Rosalyn Morales

DASH Vaudeville Troupe:
Cora Young – Anna Preston
Betty Sue Johnson – Addy Lawse
Frances Buck – Tess Bowler
Babs Bennett – Claire Malone
Shirley Connolley – Savannah Grace
Virginia James – Dee Mason

Who are featured in …

Early Frost Cast
Alice – Savannah Grace
Lydia – Dee Mason
Louise – Tess Bowler
Hannah – Claire Malone
Mrs. Clayton – Addy Lawse
Narrator – Anna Preston

Live SFX team
Evelyn Hawks – Izzy Shehan
Hazel Pruitt – Maria Trautman

DASH Radio Hour Production team:
Director – Dr. Stephanie Kidd
Assistant Director – Mr. Thomas Becker
Scenic Designer – Mr. Thomas Becker
Stage Manager – Savannah Froelicher
Costume & Wig Designers – Ana Zulkoski, Grace Michaels
Lighting Board Operators – Autumn Siedlik, Jessie Meiers
Hair Consultation – Amber Bockman
Videography – Kevin Boughton
Poster & Website – Brittany Dorner

Special Thanks:
Terri Preston
Christina Miller
Amber Bockman

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